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The Wallpapers offered on this website are basically subject to the Creative Commons Zero license CC0, which means that the images can be used for commercial and private purposes - without referring to the author. 

On this website, you can also find Background Pictures, which are subject to some restrictions. These restrictions can be found under each picture. 

The following restrictions are available;

Free for Commercial use - This means that the images may be used for commercial and private purposes.

Free for Personal use - This means that the images may only be used for private purposes.

Editorial use only - This means that the images may only be used for editorial purposes. The commercial purpose is not permitted!

Use only on websites - This means that the images may only be used on websites and apps. Print and other media are forbidden!

To ensure that no licenses are infringed, it is advisable that you check the corresponding license for each image and use the image exclusively for the permitted purposes. Should any ambiguities arise during use, please contact the photographer beforehand.

Some images also require a copyright notice, this information can always be found with the license of the corresponding image!

More information about the Wallpapers only accepts images that you have created yourself and that do not violate any third party rights. Before the pictures are published on this website, we check to the best of our knowledge and belief the authenticity and authorship of these works, but we can not assume any license guarantees! 

We do not accept images with pornographic or otherwise offensive content. Also, pictures with Watermarks and other advertising forms are deleted directly. In general, the owners of decide on the activation of the images, which can be deleted and rejected at any time - especially if the quality is not our standard. 

The users themselves are responsible for obtaining any model or Property Release.

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